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(These documents contain "spoilers" giving away the content of OA ceremonies. They are therefore protected with the same password as the Jumpstart for New Arrowmen pages, a password which every OA member should be able to figure out or learn by asking another member. Hint: The password is the fifth word of the title on page 10 of the OA Handbook.)


  • According to the December, 2001 National Bulletin of the OA, "Because all OA ceremonies are protected and since it is the duty of every lodge to safeguard the ceremonies, NO information about ceremonies, whether it be the full ceremony or an excerpt, may be posted on any lodge Web site. Also, please remember that the official OA Web site guidelines state that the OA site 'shall not replicate any BSA publication currently for sale through the Supply Division.'" Nevertheless, a couple of people have scanned them in and added password protection.
  • Corrections for the 1999 "Ceremony for the Ordeal" book - also password protected

Adviser Guides

Advising the Ceremonial Function


S04A-Building a Ceremony Team-Syllabus
S09-Ceremonies The Big Picture-Syllabus
S09-Ceremonies The Big Picture-Powerpoint
S07-Ceremony Performance-Syllabus

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