• Handbook for Boys - 1912 printing of the 1911 original edition, served as handbook, fieldbook, and merit badge requirements book
  • The Baden-Powell Story, The Boy Scout Series No. 5
  • Aids to Scoutmastership by Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell - A copy of this important work used to be given to every Wood Badge attendee.
  • The Patrol System and Letters To A Patrol Leader - This book by Roland Philipps (a personal friend of B-P and another English war hero) provides a lot of background for how to run a troop. There are some differences in the way things were done in England compared to how we do things in America. For example, the Court of Honour as described by Philipps and B-P is more like our Patrol Leader's Council. (There is a hint that the BSA way is maybe closer to what was originally done in England as Phillips mentions that there used to be a separate "Leaders, or Leaders and Seconds, Council" and the Court of Honour was originally "a body to decide punishments, to make awards", but it seems that in England the separate Leader's Council was quickly eliminated.) Also, there was no Senior Patrol Leader as that was a later development. Taking these differences into account, there is still a lot of wisdom to be gained from reading these classics.
  • Another book on the Patrol System
  • The Scouter's Job - J. Dudley Pank, a DC in England wrote thie little book in 1953. Mr. Park's straight-talking advise makes for an entertaining read. Some terminology is different might be a bit confusing, such as he uses P.O.R. to stand for "Policy, Organization, and Rules" whereas the more common meaning of P.O.R. in the US is "Position of Responsibility". Fortunately, he defines the acronyms upfront.
  • Gilcraft Knotting
  • Map and Compass, The Boy Scout Series No. 7
  • Rovering To Success - B-P's guide for young men. Gives general advice to young men on being successful in life and gives some information about the organization of Rovering Crews. Rovering was a program for young men ages 17 and up (adult leaders had to be 25) which has been replaced in U.S. with Venturing (co-ed, ages 14-21). The book is an interesting read for B-P's philosophy and for those interested in starting a Venturing crew with a rovering emphasis.
  • Life's Snags and How to Meet Them - Another B-P classic. A follow-up to Rovering To Success. For readers 17-70.
  • Lessons from the Varsity of Life - B-P's autobiography relates more on his philosophy of life and includes 117 of his own drawings.
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