Forms And Templates


Troop Family Survey - This is a more extensive replacement for the standard Troop Resource Survey with a format inspired by the Girl Scout Troop Family Survey. It is much more specifically geared towards Troop Committee positions.

Troop Meeting Plan, BSA form 34425 - This form is used extensively in the Scoutmaster Handbook. It is intended that the SM should give this to the SPL to plan each meeting and activity.

Activity signup sheet - in excel spreadsheet format

Patrol menu planner - a basic form with spaces for meal information and a shopping list
Menu planner and shopping list - old form used for years in our troop along with matching food planner instructions
Patrol campout menu planner - this is an improved menu planner with checkboxes for commonly purchased items to speed up the process - second page is shopping instructions


Festival of the Little Hills fundraiser equipment list - to be used as a template in the future

Letter to send parents before troop elections (sample from Troop W.I.S.E. e-book)

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