Health and Safety Coordinator

DISCLAIMER: This job description is posted here for discussion and informational purposes only. It does not represent official troop policy.

This is not currently a position in our troop. It is from a hand-out from the Sam Houston Area Council. It's basically stuff that's usually done by the Scoutmaster or delegated to ASM's.

Health and Safety Coordinator

  • Obtain current health histories and/or current Class 2 or 3 Medical Forms as appropriate for each Scout.
  • Insure that each adult leader be trained in “Scouting Safety … Begins With Leadership”.
  • Verify that each adult leader has the proper health and safety trainings required for each activity being conducted.
  • Schedule First Aid and CPR training for adult leaders without current certification.
  • Arrange for qualified supervision at every unit activity.
  • Develop and exercise unit discipline based on respect, understanding and leadership.
  • Maintain a troop first aid kit.
  • Report to the troop committee at each meeting.
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