Other Non Committee Jobs

DISCLAIMER: This job description is posted here for discussion and informational purposes only. It does not represent official troop policy.


Life to Eagle Adviser

Acts as a resource for Life Scouts preparing to work on the Eagle rank. This is typically an ASM position appointed by the Scoutmaster.

This is not an official position in BSA materials, but is a position that has been traditional in many troops including our own. Some troops call it the Eagle Scout Coordinator. This position has nothing to do with the mentor pin, which is supposed to be presented to someone of the Scout's choosing.

Specific duties:

  • Provide scouts attaining Life rank the "Life to Eagle" packet.
  • Advise Life scouts on the general process of attaining the Eagle rank.
  • Advise Life scouts on Eagle service projects and provide guidance on paperwork preparation.
  • Assist families of Eagle scouts with Eagle Court-of-Honor planning.
  • Coordinate with Advancement Coordinator requests for Eagle letters of congratulations from dignitaries.
  • Preferably should be an Eagle scout, or the parent of an Eagle scout.
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