Possible Future Committee Positions

Health and Safety Coordinator

This position description from a hand-out from the Sam Houston Area Council. It's basically stuff that's usually done by the Scoutmaster or delegated to ASM's.

Health and Safety Coordinator

  • Obtain current health histories and/or current Class 2 or 3 Medical Forms as appropriate for each Scout.
  • Insure that each adult leader be trained in “Scouting Safety … Begins With Leadership”.
  • Verify that each adult leader has the proper health and safety trainings required for each activity being conducted.
  • Schedule First Aid and CPR training for adult leaders without current certification.
  • Arrange for qualified supervision at every unit activity.
  • Develop and exercise unit discipline based on respect, understanding and leadership.
  • Maintain a troop first aid kit.
  • Report to the troop committee at each meeting.

Scouting For Food Coordinator

Coordinates the troops participation in the annual Scouting For Food Drive. Appointed by the Committee Chair and serves at the satisfaction of the Committee Chair and the Troop Committee.

Reports to: Committee Chair

Duties: Coordinates and promotes Scouting For Food effort.

  • Maintain liaison with district Scouting For Food coordinator.
  • Sign up for troop assignment area at September Spotlight on Scouting Roundtable.
  • Determine area assignments and recruit scouts/parents for each area.
  • Provide maps and instruction for drivers and scouts in each area.
  • Promote scout safety and two-deep leadership during this activity. Work closely with Scoutmaster and Troop Committee to ensure adequate adult and youth leaders are present.
  • Direct the distribution of collection bags.
  • Coordinate the collection and counting on donated food.
  • Arrange for transportation of donated food to designated collection point.
  • Keep records of each Scout's participation in the program and provide same to Advancement Coordinator for recording.
  • Report on results to troop committee.

Friends of Scouting Coordinator

This position description is from a hand-out from the Sam Houston Area Council. In our troop, FOS is usually left to a Court of Honor once a year and a visit from our Unit Commissioner.

  • Insure participation of the troop committee and all parents in the Council “Friends of Scouting” Campaign.
  • Recruit one adult for each patrol to serve as an enroller.
  • Insure that each parent is contacted and asked for their financial support.
  • Report to the troop committee at each meeting.

Community Service Coordinator


  • Identifies meaningful community service/Good Turn projects to be performed by the troop.
  • Recommends projects for approval by the Troop Committee.
  • Coordinates with the entity to be served regarding time, place, resources and other requirements.
  • Coordinates with the Scoutmaster, Senior and Junior Program Coordinators and Senior Patrol Leader to conduct the activity and to obtain scout participation.
  • Records participation and reports to Advancement Chairman for award of service hours. Coordinates appropriate publicity with the Recruiting Coordinator.

Board of Review Coordinator

(reports to Advancement Coordinator)

  • Confirm that all rank requirements including service time, appropriate merit badges, troop position of responsibility and time in rank have been met by conferring with the Advancement Chairman, Service Time Coordinator and the Scoutmaster.
  • Organizes/convenes Boards of Review for rank advancements.
  • Maintain library of review material appropriate for each rank.
  • Report to the Advancement Chairman the names of candidates who have successfully completed any given rank.

Court of Honor Coordinator

(reports to Advancement Coordinator)

  • In December, reserve the Goddard Community Center for the upcoming year’s Courts of Honor in January, April, July and October.
  • Assist the patrol members who are designated to be in charge of each Court of Honor with their plans for the event.
  • Assist with the planning of any Eagle Courts of Honor if requested by the family of the Eagle candidate.
  • Maintain Eagle Courts of Honor reference and history materials.

Service Time Coordinator

(reports to Advancement Coordinator)

  • Coordinates and schedules any requested troop service time.
  • Mentors the Troop Scribe in keeping accurate record of attendance and time worked by scouts for service projects.
  • Forwards attendance/time reports to Advancement Coordinator for entry in Troopmaster.
  • Be familiar with the service time needs of all scouts and encourage participation in service time events as they become available.
  • Confirm with the Advancement Chairman and Board of Review Coordinator service time records for all scouts requesting a Scoutmaster conference.
  • In the Scoutmaster’s Absence, approves or disapproves individual requests for service time based on the guidelines set forth by the Boy Scouts of America and Troop 776 Guidelines and Polices.

Uniform Bank Coordinator

Maintains uniform bank of extra uniform parts. Appointed by the Committee Chair and serves at the satisfaction of the Committee Chair, Scoutmaster, and the Troop Committee.

Reports to: Committee Chair


  • Maintain spare uniform parts as donated by Scouts in the Troop and others.
  • Ensure that spare uniform parts are displayed at courts of honor for use by any interested scouts.
  • Promote donation of outgrown and unused uniform parts to the uniform bank.
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