Other Troop Committee Jobs

DISCLAIMER: These job descriptions are posted here for discussion and informational purposes only. It does not represent official troop policy.

These jobs are not listed in the BSA committee training. Some are specific to Troop 760. Others are fairly common among many troops.

Fundraiser Coordinator - Popcorn

This is not a full committee position that requires attendance at committee meetings year round.

  • In charge of yearly Popcorn Fundraiser
  • Keeps scheduled dates for Popcorn sales through Council
  • Attends popcorn kick-off dinner in the Fall
  • Promotes popcorn sales through the Troop
  • Records all paperwork to turn in order
  • Tracks records of total Troop sales
  • Go with Scoutmaster to pickup popcorn
  • Collect money from boys
  • Appointed by Committee Chair

Fundraiser Coordinator - Festival of the Little Hills

Festival of the Little Hills has been Trop 760's biggest money-making fundraiser for several years. FOLH meetings are often at the same time as troop meetings, so that should be taken into account when appointing this job.

  • In charge of yearly Festival of the Little Hills Fundraiser.
  • Attends FOLH committee meetings.
  • Files paperwork with the FOLH committee.
  • Coordinates purchase of items needed for the festival.
  • Supervises setup the week of the festival.
  • Reports to the Troop Committee.
  • Appointed by Committee Chair.


Job description based on one found on another troop's web site.

  • Maintain the Troop’s web site.
  • Post current newsletters, calendars and appropriate photos and provide links to scout related sites.
  • Monitor use of troop Wiki and discussion forums, and respond to Wiki membership requests.
  • Assure that no information is published that could present any type of security risk to members including full names and addresses, etc.
  • Ensure no offensive or degrading material is published.
  • Return correspondence as appropriate to anyone who sends inquiries to the webmaster either by way of email or guest book entries.
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