Troop Frequently Asked Questions

NOTICE: The Troop FAQ has been removed. Most of what was in the FAQ was redundant. Most of the information can be found in the Scout Handbook and/or BSA training materials. There was some past disagreement over whether or not the Troop FAQ represented official troop policy even though it contradicted the bylaws and even though we're not sure that it was ever approved by a majority vote of the Troop Committee. As it is, we don't have a version that we can point to as a "gold standard". The Word document that the FAQ originally came from claimed a revision date of 2003, but the file properties show it was modified in 2007. We don't know what those changes were exactly, but we know the Troop Committee did not vote on them. Some information that was in the Troop FAQ may eventually make its way into the bylaws.

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