DISCLAIMER: This job description is posted here for discussion and informational purposes only. It does not represent official troop policy.

This position is not defined in BSA training materials for either troop committee or scoutmasters, and it is not currently mentioned in our troop bylaws either. However, the role is mentioned on OA web sites and has been a traditional position in our troop.


According to the OA Troop/Team Representative Program Frequently Asked Questions, "The Troop Representative program was begun in 1999, and is a program of the Order of the Arrow that has been officially adopted by the Boy Scouts of America. The OA Representative is an official leadership position within the troop, and boys can earn time towards their leadership rank requirements, just as with Den Chief, Troop Scribe, or any of the other leadership positions."

The FAQ goes on to say, "As with all positions in the Order, the OA Representative should have an adult as his Adviser. This adult will be over the age of 21, be a dues-paid member of the Order of the Arrow, and be appointed by the Scoutmaster."

The JumpStart for New Arrowmen says, "Each adviser in the Order is responsible for the program under his jurisdiction. It is inappropriate for the adviser to run the program, however, he should always make sure that he is informed about the decisions being made by the youth. It is your task to make sure that the young men succeed. This can include training, transportation, and always staying involved and informed."

General Duties

The OATR adviser of Troop 760 must be active in Shawnee Lodge, being familiar with lodge and chapter activities and regularly reviewing information in The Lookout and on the lodge's web pages at http://www.shawneelodge.org. The OATR adviser must be thoroughly familiar with this job description, the Shawnee Lodge Handbook, the Troop Representative Information Packet, and the OA Guide for Officers and Advisers.

The OATR adviser must actively coach and mentor the OATR and facilitate the OATR's performance of his responsibilities so that he may succeed in his role as the communications and programmatic link between his troop and the lodge and chapter. Furthermore, the OATR adviser should seek to include the Order of the Arrow ideals and activities in the program of the troop. By setting a good example, the OATR adviser enhances the image of the O.A. as a service arm of the troop.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Supporting the OATR…
    • Helping the OATR to fully understand his role and the needs of his unit and the elements of the lodge and chapter structure that are responsible for support of his unit.
    • Attending lodge and section events and chapter meetings with the OATR.
    • Confirming the OATR has, or arranging or providing, necessary transportation to lodge and section events, chapter meetings and service projects.
    • Counseling the OATR regarding feedback to the lodge and chapter about the reaction of the troop and its O.A. members to the success of the O.A. programs which affect the unit, including Ordeals, unit elections, call-outs, camp promotion visits, meetings and service projects.
  • Promoting the incorporation of O.A. ideals in the advancement program of the troop, in leader conferences, boards of review and courts of honor; and, promoting recognition of troop members who have completed their Ordeal, achieved Brotherhood or been inducted as Vigil Honor members.
  • Encouraging newly elected candidates to complete their Ordeal and new Ordeal Honor members to work toward Brotherhood Honor.
  • Recommending to OA members in the troop ways that they can better serve the troop, chapter, and lodge.
  • Setting a good example by enthusiastically wearing the Scout uniform correctly and living by the Scout Oath, Scout Law and the O.A. Obligation.
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