Troop 760 Scoutmaster

DISCLAIMER: These job descriptions are posted here for discussion and informational purposes only. They do not represent official troop policy.

Since Troop 760 has such a loose relationship with our Chartering Organization (CO), the Scoutmaster (SM) is elected by a majority vote of the Troop Committee rather than being appointed by the CO. The SM may also be removed from office by the Troop Committee.

Troop-specific duties (duties not described by the BSA):

  • The SM is responsible for appointing Assistant Scoutmasters to specific jobs in the troop which involve working with the boys on a regular basis.
  • The SM will seek the advice and counsel of the Committee Chair (CC) prior to making appointments that involve an on-going role and job title. (The SM need not seek advice on short term delegation of tasks which fall within his normal duties as SM.)
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